Owners: Gary and Barbara Rush

Ritzy Rascals Pet Resort is located 15 minutes south of Topeka, KS in a rural country setting. 

Barbara, the owner and pet stylist, has a lifetime of experience working with, playing with, and training dogs, cats and horses. She has 28 years pet grooming experience and continues to groom many small dogs. She also holds a bachelor's of science degree in Psychology. 

Gary, the owner and boarding resort manager, holds a bachelor's of science degree in Environmental Biology and has a lifetime of experience in working with sporting dogs.  Gary has been managing the boarding part of the business since its start. 

Danica, has operated her grooming business; "Danica's Pet Grooming" here for over two years now.  She has six years grooming experience.  She is skilled at both large and small dogs and has groomed a few cats.   She is also a respiratory therapist at Children's Mercy.

We have recently added to our staff to assist in our busy times.