The Tropic

Aztec North

The Luxury Suite

The suite is a private climate-controlled room with indoor/outdoor access.  Rates for this suite are $45 per day- first dog   $30 per day second dog   

Please no destructive dogs or climbers.  Damages to room will be charged if caused by your dog.


There is also a Privacy Suite that is the same as the Luxury Suite but  without indoor /outdoor run.  Rates for it are  $35 per day (first dog),   $25 per day (second dog).

 Please use the 'contact us' form for reservations

Aztec South

All rooms are climate-controlled and dogs are turned out to exercise a minimum of 4 times per day. 


We accept cash, check and credit as forms of payment.  Dogs will not be allowed to depart without proper payment received, without exception.  All prices listed are cash discount.  Use of credit card will be more.

Driving Directions:Using GPS may take you down more gravel road than necessary.  We recommend printing our directions and using them instead.

From Highway 56/75 junction:  Go three miles east on 56.  Go one mile north on Berryton Rd.  Go 1/2 mile west on 149th St.

From Overbrook: Go four miles west on 56.  Go one mile north on Berryton Rd.  Go 1/2 mile west on 149th St. 


OUR HOURS- We operate strictly by appointment times for drop-offs and pick-ups within a set amount of hours. This allows us to be with the dogs without having to worry we'll miss somebody at the door.  It also allows us to keep our staffing to a minimum which keeps your costs down.  Also, our working hours begin well before business hours, and end way past business hours, so we need to know when we have breaks of time we can get away to complete tasks.  We ask that you please always call ahead and give us advance notice if your plans or times have changed. Extreme deviation from your appointment time without phone notification may be subject to additional fees at our discretion.  Thank you.

HOLIDAYS-   Please try to reserve your space for holidays and during summer in advance when possible.  We will do our best to accommodate as many as we can, however we will not accept more than we can give quality care to.  Always feel free to check our availability even at the last minute.   

We are open every day of the year to care for the dogs, but do not allow pick-ups or drop-offs on on the day of major holidays.  (Customers who show up on major holidays without an appointment or permission will be subject to a considerable additional fee.)  Dogs must be checked in the day prior on holidays.  If we do choose to open for a few hours on a holiday, you will be charged for the full day of the holiday regardless of time of pick up.

FOOD- It is best for your dog if it is kept on its usual diet.  If you restrict your dog's food please sort rations into individual feedings in zip-lock bags to simplify our feedings. (We normally feed twice per day, so if a bag is to last the entire day please specify on bag)  If you choose not to separate into feedings, please bring food in latching hard container, not a feed bag, please.   Also please label your dog's food with its name.  We will provide dishes, so please leave your own at home.   If you prefer and your dog does not have a sensitive stomach, we will gladly serve our house food at no extra cost. 

BEDDING-  You may bring your dog's own bedding if you wish, at your own risk.  Sometimes even calm dogs turn their beds into chew toys while at the resort and have a great time de-stuffing them or sometimes their neighbor thieves them and destroys them.  Bedding should be machine washable.  If bedding is not brought, we will provide your dog with a blanket as long as constant soiling or destroying is not a problem.

MEDICATION-  We will gladly administer up to 2 medications per feeding at no extra charge.  Over 2 will be charged $1 per medication per each time given.  If your dog is diabetic or has serious health concerns we recommend boarding at a veterinarian so your pet can be monitored by a health professional.

TOYS AND TREATS-  Your dog's own toys and treats may be brought.  Please restrict toys to two and label with your dog's name if possible.  Toys often get tossed about and may be difficult to locate when you leave, so please do not bring a toy that your dog cannot live without.  We will always try to return all of your things to you, but we often have a multitude of toys and gear to keep track of!  If we are unable to find an item or one is forgotten, please note that we will not deliver or mail those items.  Please let us know and we will gladly hold that item for you until your next visit.   Rawhide and basted bones will not be given since it cannot be constantly supervised and can be a health hazard of choking, and perforated intestine. 

ATTENTION:  The day of pick up is free, IF dogs are picked up by 11:00 a.m.) 

Rates starting February 1st, 2023

Multiple dog rate only applies if dogs share a pen and can eat together in the same space without fighting.

1 dog:       1 day -    $30 per day 
1 dog:       2+ days - $25 per day                     
2 dogs:                    $22 per dog per day      
3+ dogs:                  $20 per dog per day     

(Intact males are an extra $5 per day.  We reserve the right to turn away any intact males or other dogs we deem to have aggression issues.)

Cats are charged the same rates as dogs.   Day care only is $30 per day.
Multiple dog discounts above only apply if they share a pen.  If your dogs need to be separated for feeding, you will be charged for separate pens, whether this be your decision or ours.  If you have more than one dog and think they might fight over their food, we recommend separate pens.   Dogs arriving or being picked up after closing hours will incur extra fees in order to protect our private time. (See "our hours" above.)

REQUIREMENTS-  Please have your dog's vaccinations current and bring us a copy for us to keep for our files.  We want current copies each year, so while you do not need to bring new ones every visit, we do need  new ones brought once a year.  We require the standard vaccinations (combo shot-usually dhpp), rabies, and kennel cough (bordetella).  Some vets do not standardly administer kennel cough so check and make certain your dog is protected!  Ideally your dog should have the kennel cough vaccine a minimum of 10 days before being boarded.   While we do not require flea prevention as there is no way for us to police it, we do strongly recommend it anytime your pet will be around other animals.  If fleas are found on your pet, a Capstar flea pill will be given and $15 added to your bill to protect the integrity of the facility.  If your dog comes with very sharp or excessively long toenails, they will be clipped and a $15 charge added if we or other dogs are getting scratched by them or we feel they are making your dog uncomfortable.

Finally... Relax.  We are professionals and have experience in handling most every type of personality of dog.  Nervousness is contagious.  Your dog will pick up on your emotions, so the best attitude is to know your dog is going to have a good time and normally it will!  We are a home away from home!!